1988 – 21st Australian Convention of Magicians – June 10-13 1988

Lyndsay Carroll headed up the Melbourne committee.

VENUE: Melbourne Townhouse, Carlton



GUESTS: Terry Seabrooke (UK), Petrick & Mia (USA)


Junior Stage –
Close Up –
Favourite Trick –
Stage/Cabaret –

LECTURERS: Terry Seabrooke, Petrick & Mia, Willie Kaye, Tony Wilson


Friday June 10
6.00pm – Dealers Open
6.30pm – Registrations Open
8.00pm – Official Opening
8.15pm – First Nite Show
9.00pm – Coffee Break
9.15pm – First Nite Show continues
10.00pm – Lecture by Willie Kaye
11.00pm – Dealers Open
12.00am – Close

Saturday June 11
9.00am – Lecture by Petrick
10.00am – Junior Stage Competition
11.00am – Dealers Demonstration
12.00pm – Lunch
1.00pm – Close Up Competition
2.30pm – Coffee Break
3.00pm – Lecture by Tony Wilson
4.00pm – My Favourite Trick Competition
5.00pm – Dinner and Dealers Open
7.00pm – Stage Magic/Cabaret Competition
8.30pm – Coffee Break
8.45pm – Stage Magic/Cabaret Competition continues
10.00pm – Lecture by Dave Boyd
11.00pm – Ask The Experts
12.00am – Close

Sunday June 12
9.00am – Dealers Open
9.30am – Coffee Break
10.00am – Lecture by Terry Seabrooke
11.00am – Trick or Treat Magic Quiz by Graham Etherington
12.00pm – Dealers Open
12.30pm – Lunch
2.00pm – Children’s Magic Competition
3.30pm – Coffee Break
4.00pm – Close Up Show
5.00pm – Dealers Open
7.30pm – Banquet: Vegetable Soup, Chicken Champagne or Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Apple Pudding with Custard. Prize Presentation and Floorshow.

Monday June 13
9.00am – Reception of Auction Goods
10.00am – Auction
12.00pm – Lunch
1.30pm – Buses leave for Public Show at the MLC Hall
2.00pm – ‘It’s Magic’ Public Show
4.30pm – Buses return to the Melbourne Townhouse
5.00pm – The Last Show
6.00pm – Closing (Followed by Terry Seabrooke lecture at the ASM Clubrooms)


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