1955 – 4th Australian Convention of Magicians – June 10-13, 1955

Len Mason, sponsored by I.B.M Sydney Ring 102, again organised this event.

The conventions had not yet fallen into the rhythm of alternating between Sydney and Melbourne bi-annually, so the Fifth Convention was advertised for the following year, November 16 – 20, 1956. This logically tied in with the Olympic Games in Melbourne during November/December.

Notable Events: Lady Magicians show, Magic Quiz, Card Experts On Stage, banquet and show.

VENUE: Wentworth Hotel, Sydney. The Friday evening was held at 2KY Radio Auditorium, George St, Sydney.



GUESTS: Both Ormond McGill and Arnold Furst were visitors, but did not present a lecture. McGill was touring Australia at the time. Events started in the evening of Friday 10th and on the following days started around 2:00 pm and ended early in the evening. On the Sunday the only events were a motor tour for visitors and an invitation to visit the Wizard’s Club at their clubrooms in Haymarket.


Comedy Magic –
Quick Tricks –

PUBLIC SHOW: “The Abracadabra Show” at the Sydney Conservatorium.
Mr & Miss Tree, Arnold Furst, Gerald Taylor, Keith Lawrence, The Dardenellos, Weirdo (paper tearing), Bob Carbines, George Rees, Bob Haynes (felt pictures), Dexter, Marlo, Geord Herd (juggler), Len Mason.


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