1982 – 18th Australian Convention of Magicians – April 9-12, 1982

Allan Sullivan (Convention Committee Chairman), sponsored by I.B.M Sydney Ring 102.

Notable Events: Museum of Magic, Convict show, Children’s show at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Ladies’ jewellry display. Banquet with Cabaret and International Close-up Show, auction from 9:30 – 2:00 pm. Music Hall show.

VENUE: Shore Motor Inn, Artarmon.



GUESTS: Dick & Diana Zimmerman


Peter J Shield Award – Alan Watson
Junior Stage –
Quick Tricks –
Senior Stage –
Close Up Magic –

PUBLIC SHOW: “International Wonder Show of Magic”, matinee and evening, Lane Cove Town Hall.
Steve Walker, Kevin Robinson, Cecil Parkee, Fred James and The Girls, Diana [Zimmerman] The Enchantress. The programme has omitted the second half of the show! It would have included Dick Zimmerman.

LECTURERS: Dick Zimmerman
There were also three video lectures “on the large screen” but the performers’ names are not listed in the programme.


One Response to “1982 – 18th Australian Convention of Magicians – April 9-12, 1982”

  1. I was there and it was the first and only time I’ve been to Australia. I clearly remember the Zimmermans as well as meeting Maurice Rooklyn😊

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