1966 – 10th Australian Convention of Magicians – June 10-13, 1966

Maurice Rooklyn (Convention Committe Chairman), sponsored by I.B.M Sydney Ring 102.

Notable Events: Banquet and show, Magic quiz, photographic presentation of the Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Sid Madden had a full page programme advertisement showing his act entitled “Fingers and Fags”. It was a cigarette act.It was noted that, during the Saturday sessions, Fox Movietone News techicians and photographers would be in attendance

VENUE: 2GB Macquarie Auditorium Phillip St, Wentworth Hotel.


GUESTS: Geoffrey Buckingham (England)



Quick Tricks –
Close Up Magic –
My Favourite Trick-

PUBLIC SHOW: “The International Magic Gala Show”, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.
Fred James, La Feline, Franquin and Beris (Mentalism), Joe Stuthard, Ram Das and Kim, Ronni Eliot (puppets), Luck Fordali, Sandy Lennox, Geoffrey Buckingham, Lai Moon Chee (Cecil Parkee) and Dim Sim (vent), Kevin Cooper and Eveyln.

LECTURERS: Loads – Steals and Holders for the Manipulator (Geoffrey Buckingham, England)


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