1960 – 7th Australian Convention of Magicians – June 10-13, 1960

Arthur Shaw was the Convention Committee Chairman, sponsored by A.S.M Melbourne, Magic Circle of Victoria and Preston Wizards’ Club.

Notable Events: Magic Auction on Monday afternoon. Banquet and show. Melbourne Entertains show. Interstate Performers show. Table Magic show. Events for the non-magically-inclined ladies, including Afternoon Tea with Madam Kay the tea cup reader, cake decorating demonstration, handcrafts demonstration, paper flower making, (and rocket science for beginners?). Non-denominational memorial service. Film event featuring movies of Erickson, Tom Selwyn, Len Sewell, Cecil Morris and Ade Duval, followed by the films “Dust or Destiny” and “Time and Eternity”.

Notes: Events now covered full days, starting at 3:00 pm on the Friday.
Coppin Hall is a large ‘town hall’ style venue built on the grounds of the Royal Freemason’s Homes, named in honour of George Coppin, the theatrical entrepreneur who brought the Wizard Jacobs to Australia in 1855.

VENUE: Coppin Hall, 313 Punt Road, Prahran, Melbourne





My Favourite Trick –
Best Teenage Act –
Best Novelty Act –
Stage Card Trick –
Best Manipulative Act –

PUBLIC SHOWS: There were two public shows at the Prahran Town Hall, “Magicana” produced by Preston Wizards’ Club, and “Top Ten Magical Revue” produced by the Magic Circle of Victoria.

“Magicana” – Don Bell (paper), Alf & Ron Broadway (juggling), Tex Glanville (rope spinning), Lucas (magic), Allan Rowe and Kimbo (vent), Norman (magic), Royal Puppets, Robinson (comedy magic), Bimbo (magical clown).

“Top Ten Magical Revue” – Amazing Mr Rooklyn, Dante (presumably Jack Angus), The Great Levante, Will Alma, Cedric Dahl, Parer, Fordali, Peter Rodda, Lawrence.

Mental Magic (Jack McGlone)
Magical Invention (Len Sewell)
Television and Magic (Donald Crosby, Crawford Productions)


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  1. I picked up this programme recently with about 70 signatures on the inside cover. I was amazed to see the number of magicians represented in the 60s. being from the wrong side of town in those days we had no idea that these shows were happening

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