This website is dedicated to preserving the history and tradition of The Australian National Magic Conventions from the first back in 1952 with just over 100 registrants, to the last staged in 2004.

We encourage you to take a stroll down memory lane and record your own magical moments in the comments section below the relevant event.

You’ll note we are still missing many details for some of the conventions, so any assistance you can give us in filling in the gaps for posterity would be invaluable. You can send any information or pictures to Tim@MagicUnlimited.com

The National Conventions were seen as important events where magicians from all over Australia could meet up and share ideas with their colleagues, discover the latest tricks, and compete for titles such as ‘Best Close Up Magician’ or ‘Best Stage Magician’.



Several Australian magicians, in order to boost their image, are in the habit of exaggerating their claims of competition wins made at Australian Magic Conventions.

Please note: The following titles do not exist:
  • ‘Australian Magician of The Year’
  • ‘Australian Stage Magician of The Year’
  • ‘Australian Close Up Magician of the Year’
  • ‘Australian Comedy Magician of the Year’
The ‘Champion Magician of Australia’ competition was only held three times
  • 1976 – Peter Rodda
  • 1980 – Loris Purcell
  • 1984 – Not Awarded
Please feel free to search through this blog to see all winners, or go HERE for a more comprehensive list of all national and international prizes won by Australian magicians.

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