1998 – 26th Australian Convention of Magicians – June 5-8, 1998

Kent Blackmore headed the organising team for Sydney.

VENUE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

REGISTRATION COST: $130 (Banquet $50 extra)


GUESTS: Doc Eason (USA), Gene Anderson (USA). Nick Lewin was scheduled but didn’t show.


Under 18 Stage
– 1st – William Olds, 2nd – Paul Cosentino (Cosentino), 3rd – Paul Bates
Stage – 1st – Sam Putnam (Sam Powers), 2nd – Sue-Anne Webster, 3rd – Matthew Servelli
Professional Stage – 1st – Cath Jamison
Close Up – 1st – Matthew Thomas (Matt Hollywood), 2nd – Nigel Anderson, 3rd – Mark Lindenmayer (Mark Mayer)
Walk on Walk off – 1st Beejan Olfat (Beejan Land)

LECTURERS: Doc Eason, Gene Anderson, Chuck Fayne

STAGE SHOW: Steve Walker (MC), Taylor & Pearson, Sean Taylor, Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster, Gene Anderson, The Mon-Tanners, Timothy Hyde & The Amazing Lynda, Sean Kramer, Raymond Crowe, Taylor & Pearson


Friday June 5
2.00-5.00pm – Registration opens
5.00-7.15pm – Dealers open
8.00pm – Opening Show

Saturday June 6
8.30-9.30pm – Dealers open
9.30am – Adults & Under 18 Stage Competition
11.30am – Coffee Break
12.00pm – Professional Stage Competition
1.30pm – Lunch Break
2.30pm – Lecture by Doc Eason
3.30pm – Dealers Show
4.00pm – Coffee Break
4.30pm – Mini Lectures: Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Clifford Warne
5.30-7.30pm – Dealers open
6.00pm – Dinner Break
6.00pm – Workshops: Jerome Kirwan (Clowns), Andrew Wimhurst (Cards
8.00pm – Public Show
11.00-12.00am – Dealers open
12.00 midnight – Tim Ellis at Prospero’s (Extra Charge)

Sunday June 7
8.30-9.30am – Dealers open
9.30am – Lecture by Doc Eason
10.30am – Coffee Break
11.00am – Close Up Competition
1.30pm – Lunch break
1.00-2.30pm – Dealers open
2.30pm – International Close Up Show
4.30pm – Coffee Break
4.30-6.00pm- Dealers open
7.30pm – Pre Banquet
8.00pm – Banquet and Cabaret Show
12.00am – Chuck Fayne at Prospero’s (Extra Charge)

Monday June 8
9.00-11.00am – Auction
9.30-11.00am – Dealers open
9.30-11.00am – Walk On Walk Off Competition
11.00am – Lecture by Gene Anderson
12.15pm – Lecture by Chuck Fayne
1.00-2.30pm – Lunch break
2.00pm – Repeat lecture by Chuck Fayne
3.15pm – Guest Discussion
4.00pm – Final Show and Closing


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